The partnership

The PDS Mfg Partnership is established by a group of manufacturers who share the vision that textiles can and should be manufactured in a responsible way. Dyeing and processing are key driving factors in the pursuit of a cleaner and more sustainable textile industry. We believe natural plant dyes will play an important role in the ongoing transformation of a textile industry striving to deliver on promises and obligations to change its negative impact on the environment.

Becoming a member of the PDS Mfg Partnership is free of charge but requires that the members complete the PDS certification process within 6 months after joining the partnership. As the PDS certification is partly built on the same industry standards as GOTS, it is required that any applicant for membership comply with GOTS guidelines.

The PDS Mfg Partnership also requires that all its members promote PDS according to the standing marketing guidelines.

All PDS Mfg Partnership members that are certified according to PDS must have the PDS logo visible on their website and link this logo to the PDS website: PDStandard.com

Download logo

The logo can be downloaded here

Failure to comply with these PDS marketing guidelines is subject to cancellation of PDS Mfg Partnership and subsequently withdrawal of the PDS certificate.