The initiative

The Plant Dyes Standard (PDS) is an initiative brought forward by a group of manufacturers (PDS Mfg Partnership) who share the vision that textiles can and should be manufactured in a responsible way.

In recent times, consumer awareness and demand for responsible products in the market has created an impact on the textile industry. Moreover, concepts such as eco- preservation, eco-safety, environmentally benign and non-toxic sustainability in bio resourced colorants, have created a revolution in textile research and development. Research investigations have been undertaken all over the world on colorants derived from cleaner bio-resources having minimal ecological negative impacts. Consequently, strict Environmental and Ecological Legislations have been imposed by many countries including European Union, USA and India. As a result, eco-friendly non-toxic naturally occurring bio-colorants has re-emerged as a subsequent alternative through green chemistry approaches with widespread applicability in textile coloration area. Hence, sourcing of naturally derived materials has become a preference.

PDS ensures all natural dyes and auxiliaries and provides a clear chain of custody (CoC) from the source to the final product.